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30 goals from where? Ronaldo Koeman already worried about Barcelona

The La Liga Santender is yet to start but already, some of Barcelona’s key decision makers are already dithering.

No one knows how Barcelona’s season will unfold but Ronald Keoman already knows one area the club will massively suffer is the goal scoring department. For the past 15 years, Messi have scored 30 or more goals as a Barcelona player.

But with him gone, Ronald Koeman and his coaching staff are already asking questions about their current team. Who can realistically score 30 goals a season and ensure the club finish in the top 4?

The options are Memphis Depay, Sergio Aguero, Martin Braithwaite, Ousame Dembele, Antoine Griezmann, Ansu Fati and maybe Philippe Coutinho.

But, if you include form, fitness and world class abilities in the determining factor, you discover the options is limited to just 3 and probably why Ronald Keoman requested for a striker immediately Lionel Messi left but was rebuffed due to financial problems.

The three players that can realistically score 30 goals are Memphis Depay, Antoine Griezmann and maybe Sergio Aguero.

But sadly, Depay have never scored 30 or more goals in his career so expecting him to magically hit those figures is a big ask.

Antoine Griezmann meanwhile operates better when played behind a striker, ‘Falcao or Deigo Costa with Atletico Madrid’ and ‘Olivier Giroud with France’. If Koeman plays him behind Depay, just maybe, he can hit double figures but not 30 goals is too much.

Sergio Aguero on the other hand is currently ruled out for 10 months and there’s a strong possibility he won’t even hit double figures this season due to injury problems

Put the stated analysis into context and you will understand why Ronald Koeman is already worried about Barcelona.

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