Manchester City

Forget Kane, Sign Ronaldo: Manchester City open talks to sign Cristiano Ronaldo

No one is certain why Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Juventus but what is obvious is that Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t happy with the reception Lionel Messi meant in Paris or the money he is currently been paid ($1m-a-week).

The Portuguese agent has reportedly offered him to Manchester City and talks are set to be ongoing. Mendes is selling Ronaldo as the real deal and not Harry Kane who is 9 years younger than him and yet to win a single meaningful trophy.

Ronaldo might be 36-years-old but, he is far superior to most under 20’s or even 30’s. He can still guarantee City 30 goals a season and deliver during big games.

He might have failed to win Juventus the Champions League but there’s no doubt he will deliver with Pep Guardiola’s incredible Manchester City squad who currently need a lift.

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