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32 and above: Barcelona’s aging stars will crack under pressure

Barcelona superstars are aging and something fast has to be done about it before the decline become difficult o patch up.

Old Guards like Sergio Busquet {32 in July}, Gerard Pique {33}, Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi, Rakitic and others are all getting old.

The club’s greatest player and world best player Lionel Messi will be 33-years-old this June while striker partner and best friend Luis Suarez will be 34 next season.

Replacing both will be very hard especially Lionel Messi.

Where in the world will you find another players as good as Leo. A player who can dribble past four or five players in a drop of a hear and score 50 to 60 goals every season.

Leo is the only player in the world who can notch 92 goals in a single season if given as a target. In fact, he is the only player who have scored 40 or more goals in 10 consecutive season. Unbelievable!

Truth be told, PSG striker Neymar {27} can’t replace him, he doesn’t have the creativity nor the leadership qualities to lead any team. But there’s hope with Kylian Mbappe {20}.

The explosive French man has the pace to burn; fantastic dribbling abilities, goals and above all youthful exuberance. He can be the club’s star player for the next 10 years.

Barcelona will collapse in no distant future if they refuse to plan ahead.

Messi might be covering up the cracks with his sensational footballing abilities but soon the present team will crack up for all to see the mediocrity in it.

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