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Disrespectful: Why Barcelona must retire Lionel Messi number 10 jersey

How do you replace a player like Lionel Messi at Barcelona? Frankly, no one knows not even Joan Laporta who acts like he knows everything but has no clue.

A player like Messi comes once in a every 50 years which explians why fans must cherish every moment he plays. Leo has won it all, done it all and created records no one in the current Barcelona team or even the academy can dare to match.

Such uniquiness must be appreciated by the key decision makers at Camp Nou and not discarded. They’ve to retire that number 10 jersey in honour of Messi.

Giving it to a mediocre player like Philippe Coutinho is an insult to the No.10 and what it stands for.

They say a player is never bigger than a club but its time Barcelona realize that the club is just an institution and superstars like Messi ensured they were once the best in the world.

Messi won Barcelona 34 trophies which ensured the number became the ‘bigggest brand in world football’. Disregardling that history and giving it to Coutinho or whoever at Barcelona is an insult to Messi and everthing he achieved with the club.

Barcelona have to retire the 10 jersey cause its the right to do.

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