Army of terrorist: Is the Nigeria military secretly recruiting ‘repentant Boko Haram terrorist’

The popular notion going around the streets in Nigeria is that the military secretly absolve terrorists wh openly denounced their involvement with Boko Haram and other sacrilegious groups.

Although, the Nigeria army have debunked the allegations as false and mischievous through the Acting Director, Defense information, Brigadier General Oneyma Nwachukwu, but they’re other statements made by the same military that are bone chilling.

The General Officer Commanding the seventh division in Maiduguri, Major General Bulama Biu was recorded to have said; “An ex-Boko Haram member who has laid down his arms and turns away from negativity stands to become the President of this country and take up any position in this country,” Biu said during an interview with journalists in Abuja.

“Why is he wasting his time when he cannot even deliver? But we have appealed to them including their collaborator to see reason to drop their arms as quickly as possible so that we can once again re-occupy our position in Nigeria and Borno State,” he added.

Biu might have denied the earlier statement were contacted again to clarify his statement but, people living in Nigeria already know they’re certain ethnic groups who feel they own Nigeria irrespective of what they say or do.


This people have killed and maimed men, women and children. They’ve destroyed properties worth billions in the Northern part of Nigeria and yet, the federal government have failed for the past 12 years to deal with them decisively.

They’ve refused to involve Chad who blow Boko Haram off the waters and force them to retreat back into bushes in Nigeria. If the Nigeria government was serious about ending Boko Haram or rampaging Fulani Herdsmen, they would’ve involved the Chadian army into their quest of ending Boko Haram.

Doing that will automatically end Boko Haram and save the young and women sacrificing their lives for a meaningless war.

Shamefully, the military is said to be recruiting terrorists into the Army and other armed forces. With time, their fanatic ideology will spread like virus and a revolt in current government will take place just like Afghanistan.

Nigeria can not allow terrorists to infiltrate the military; occupy top government positions and then become tomorrow’s leader. It will be the end of the country.

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