Manchester City

Paper talk: Manchester City to offer ‘Bernando Silva or Aymeric Laporte’ for Cristiano Ronaldo

Reports have emerged about about a deal involving Manchester City, Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo’s super agent Jorge Mendes. Talks are currently ongoing between all parties and soon, a resolution is expected to be reached.

Manchester City want Ronaldo but aren’t too sure if paying $25m fee for a 36-year-old will make sense. City want to take him off Juventus wage bill and are willing to pay as low as $10m for the global superstar.

And if Juventus refuse to sell, City are prepared to sell Bernando Silva or Aymeric Laprote to them but only if they include Cristiano Ronaldo in the deal.

For now, the clubs are talking and soon a concession will be reached before the transfer window closes.

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