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3 reasons why Manchester United had to ‘bite the bullet’ and sign Cristiano Ronaldo

Jorge Mendes has gain pulled out a rabbit from his heart by taking Cristiano Ronaldo out of a declining Juventus team and into a revamped Manchester United squad. His return is a massive news for the fan base who have adorned for the past 12 years.

Every United fan loves Ronaldo and anticipates great things with his return. Although, Ronaldo was never in Manchester United plans but, his availability made the club rethink.

Ronaldo wanted to leave Juventus having grown tired of both Juventus ambition and Massimiliano Allegri. He wanted a new challenge with a top team vying to fight for major trophies especially the Champions League.

And this where Manchester United came in and made the stunning offer.

Manchester United owner Glazer’s needed a distraction– The call to kick Glaziers family out has dampened after the owners sanctioned the signing of Ronaldo. Right now, everyone is talking about Ronaldo and his imminent arrival and not about the America owners.

The Glaziers family have just bought themselves 2 years of absolute silence from Manchester United fans.

Manchester City’s interest terrified United’s legends- As soon as United heard of Manchester City’s interest in signing Ronaldo, every one began restless and started texting or calling Ronaldo to reject the offer.

Bruno Fernandes, Patrice Evra, Daniel Fletcher, Rio Fernandinard, Gary Neville and even Sir Alex Ferguson all contacted Ronaldo.

Fergie was so terrified of the prospect of Ronaldo joining City and ensured that never happened by calling United’s sporting director and even the GlazieR family to do everything in their powers to sign Ronaldo ahead of City.

To him and others, it was sacrilege for Ronaldo to sign for their cross town rivals.

Ronaldo is fantastic for marketing- In less than 24 hours of the news of United signing Ronaldo, the club’s stock grown by 14%, the club’s sales tripped while their fan base in Twitter, Facebook and Instragram grew by 25m.

Cristiano Ronaldo is yet to kick a ball for Manchester United but the club have made millions just for signing him.

Without doubt, Ronaldo is good for business but, no one is sure how he will fair under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

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