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Di Maria reveals Messi ‘funny nickname’ and what he ‘hates the most about footballers’

In exclusive with TyC Spots, Angel Di Maria revealed in details what Lionel Messi is like on and off the pitch. On the pitch, Messi is an alien. He dribbles effortlessly, find spaces in-between the lines and trade in between passes.

And if the pass don’t reach his intended target, Messi takes it upon himself to score the goals. Di Maria feels the only word that describes Lionel Messi perfectly is -alien- or his own derogatory term ‘Titch’- which means a small person.

Messi in return calls Di Maria ‘Noodles’ which both of them laugh about it.

Calling him an alien is fine but treating him like one has its own repercussion. Messi hates footballers who don’t treat him like a normal person. He is a human being with feelings and needs friends who he can relate with.

“I always call him Titch”, Di Maria said TyC Sports.

“Not at the start, but once we became friends i did. He replies by calling me ‘Noodle’, and i think that will always be the case from now on”

Asked about Messi and how he relates with other footballers, Di Maria added: “He’s just like one of the boys really, and that’s how he likes it. He doesn’t like the headlines, that’s why he gets on better with those that treat him the same as anyone else.

“Because if you treat him like he is as a footballer – an alien – then you’ll be outside his bubble, rather than doing things he likes, like eating together, having fun and laughing.

“We all joke around and call him an alien in the press – and he is – but in the end he is just Leo, he’s ‘Titch’ and we treat him that way.”

Messi owns his international success to Di Maria who scored the winning goal against Nigeria and Brazil to win Messi and Argentina the Olympic Medal and the Copa America.

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