Manchester United

What a boast! Cristiano Ronaldo ‘in contention to start for Manchester United’ against Newcastle United

Cristiano Ronaldo has been exempted from the Portuguese squad that will Azerbaijan after receiving a yellow card for taking off his shirt against Ireland.

Ronaldo might have scored two important goals that first broke a Guinness world record and then cemented Portugal’s spot on the top of the qualifying round.

But his wild celebration was called for and referee had no choice but to brandish him a yellow card which means he will miss a match.

Portugal are ok if he sits out against Azerbaijan and returns to club side- Manchester United.

He will be returning to Manchester United to commence his training with the squad as he hopes to make his debut at Old Trafford against Newcastle United.

No doubt, the whole footballing world will be watching Manchester United to see how Cristiano Ronaldo fairs.

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