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Don’t expect it: 3 things Cristiano Ronaldo will not do at Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo has landed at Macehster United and now preparing to sign the papers while been unvivield for the second time in front of a packed press. Fans will ccertianly line up the street cheering him all teh way to the club’s training facility and will be cheering him all day long.

Ronaldo is a living legend who still has passion to keep breaking records and scoring unbelievable goals. HIs return might be sensational but make no mistake, Ronaldo of 2008 is not the same Ronaldo of 2021. His mentality and body has changed.

Don’t expect Ronaldo to close down defender- Ronaldo will not close down defenders with pace and power cause he has to converse energy for short distance burst to goal. Others will be have to do the chasing while he waits for the perfect opportunity shoot and score.

Ronaldo won’t drift into midfield like Harry Kane or Roberto Firmino– Ronaldo do posses the world class qualities to play as a creative forward by drifting into midfield and orchestrating the tempo of the match but, don’t expect him to do it at Manchester United. First it takes him away from goal and secondly, it involves a lot of running.

Ronaldo will not block ferocious shoots with his body– Back at Juventus, Ronaldo blocked just one shoot in over 73 appearances for the club and 3 shoots in 124 appearance for the club.

He might stand in front of a free kick but don’t expect him to block the shoot with his beautifully crafted body. He will duck or dodge the short if feels the shoot is too ferocious to handle.

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