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3 problems Manchester United will likely face with Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival

Cristiano Ronaldo might have lost the bustling energy that once characterized his game and enabled him to score more than 50 goals in 9 consecutive season but don’t expect him to accept mediocrity or trophy less season.

Since 2013, Ronaldo haven’t spent a season without winning a club trophy which is chief contrast with Manchester United and their current framework. The club might be able to pay Ronaldo whatever he wants but on the sporting level, they’re not just there which will certainly be a problem.

Expectations will be very high and almost unachievable– The Manchester United team Cristiano Ronaldo left in 2008 is completely different from today’s team. There’s no synergy between players neither is a total commitment to the club or manager’s course.

Ronaldo will want more than Manchester United can offer and that will be a problem.

Ronaldo will place a very high demand on his teammates and manager which frankly be almost unattainable. The Premier League title will be tightly contested this season but there’s a strong possibility, Chelsea will beat Manchester City to the league title.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer man management skills, motivational skills and tactical setup will be questioned- Ronaldo was able to win the biggest trophies in the world and score loads due to the quality of the manager and his staff.

He wants to win more trophies, score more goals and break more records. Solskjaer has to create a framework that enable him do that or they will be a problem.

Ronaldo doesn’t understand bench role or rotation- Ronaldo will always want to play and if benched, they goo explanation must be given for doing that. Solskjear can’t bench Ronaldo for more than two games without giving him an adequate.

In over 11 years, Ronaldo have never been benched for more than two games in a row or completely omitted from the team. Solskjaer can’t do that even if the team is suffering. He has to please Ronaldo or prepare to get fired.

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