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Ronaldo reveals how ‘long he will stay at Manchester United and why’

Cristiano Ronaldo has dismissed the notion from his critics that he will fail in his second return to Manchester United. The 36-year-old wants to prove he is still fit enough to play in Premier League and now targets a long term with United.

Ronaldo wants to play on till he is 40-years-old and feels United will be the perfect platform to prove himself. He also wants to help United reach the top and that is why he determined to work as hard as possible.

During an exclusive with Sky Sports, Ronaldo was asked if he feels weighed down by the critics pointing to his age, he replied: “I’m here to win, people before speak about the age but they should understand and they know that I’m different,, I’m different form the rest of the people.

“I show that off all the time, year by year and this year will be the same. I know 100 percent that i will do it good with the boys, with my teammates, the supporters will be on our side”.

Cristiano Ronaldo is indeed a different player to the rest of players in Europe. He has scored more than 30 goals in 12 consecutive seasons and this year broke the record as the highest goal scorer in Men’s international football.

He is indeed in a different class.

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