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6 changes Cristiano Ronaldo have witnessed at Manchester United since returning

12 years ago, Manchester United were the strongest team in Europe having won the Champions League and a domestic double. Cristiano Ronaldo was part of that moment and he contributed very much in ensuring the club were riding high n the sky.

But that period has come to an end after Manchester United legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson retired along with some of his club’s legends. The club also sold some very good players including Cristiano Ronaldo in a $90m deal to Real Madrid.

Ronaldo is back and has witnessed some changes he would’ve never had thought will be possible.

Manchester City and Liverpool are now the dominant teams- 12 years ago, Manchester United were the best team in the Premier League under the tutelage of Sir Alex Ferguson. But today, the Premier League is currently dominated by Manchester City and Liverpool. This two teams have competed intensively for the league and broke some many records in the process.

Post Ferguson decline- Since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club in 2013, Manchester United have been declining at an alarming rate despite spending $1.3b in revamping the squad. Successive managers have tried to revive the club but none of them have managed to provide the stability the club needs.

Cristiano Ronaldo will be joining a Manchester United team struggling with identity, winning spirit and the daunting pressure to return back to echelon of football.

Economical stability of the Premier League- The Premier League is the richest league in the world due to their annual TV rights which ranges from $5b to $2.5b. The league is commercially viable, interesting to watch and properly marketed.

The number 7 jersey is meant for specific players- Since Cristiano Ronaldo left the club, the number 7 jersey have been handed over to Michael Owen (2009-12), Antonio Valencia (2012-14), Angel Di Maria (2014-15), Memphis Depay (2015-17) and Alexis Sanchez (2017-19) but none of this players have been able to reach the height of former legends who have worn it.

Even the incredibly talented Edinson Cavani had to give back the jersey to Cristiano Ronaldo knowing it is made for specific players.

Expectations are lower than before– No one is expecting Manchester United to win a double or even a treble this season along with an European trophy. The club’s fans are contended with a domestic cup win and a top 4 finish.

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