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3 obvious reasons why Manchester United lost to Young Boys

Manchester United has yet again proven why no one should expect them winning the Champions League or any domestic trophy. The best bet for the club is to finish in the top 4 with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring 30 goals a season.

Goals isn’t a problem for Manchester United but the tactical acumen of the manager, the defensive structure of the team and the player’s mentality.

Manchester United were wasteful in front of goal- Manchester United lost 2-1 to Young Boys because the attackers failed to utilized the chances their had to score. If Cristiano Ronaldo had scored 3 out of the 9 chances Manchester United created in the first half, the club would’ve won the game regardless of the red card.

Aaron Bissaka’s red card– Manchester United were in cruise control in the first 30 minutes of the game but as soon as Aaron Bissaka was sent off, the team struggled to control the game. The manager should have played a 5-3-1formation in other to protect their early lead. Manchester United will then sit deep, soak up pressure from Young Boys and then counter attack.

Defensively, Manchester United were vulnerable– Harry Maguire and Raphael Varane should’ve kept a clean sheet against Young Boys by marshalling the defense and ensuring they win every ball on the air or ground. They should’ve played safe by defending first before attacking just like every other team will do with a man down.

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