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Worst team in 15 years: Why no one should blame Barcelona’s decline on Ronald Koeman

What changed has at Barcelona? Well everything if going to answer the question honestly. The club has gambled away millions in signing average players, accumulated $1.5b in debts and now depend on average players to get them back to basics.

The fall from grace has taken everyone by surprise even though some still pretend everything is fine. No one would’ve envisaged a team branded by historians as the greatest of all time will be this shit after 15 years.

A team which boasted of having the likes of Andres Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez, Lionel Messi, Carles Puyol, David Villa, Thierry Henery, Davi Alves and lots more in the past is now depending on the likes of Ousame Demble, Eric Garcia, Philippe Coutinho or Luuk de Jong to win games.

Average players who earn outlandish wages but can’t win games or trophies. But pinning the blame on Ronald Koeman is just crazy.

The Dutch tactician is a world class manager who knows what it means to win trophies while playing exceptional football. He was part of Johan Cruffy’s 1988 dream team along with Pep Guaridola, Frank Rijkaard. Micheal LeBeouf and others.

Koeman has instilled similar style of football but what he can’t do is supernaturally turn Memphis Depay to Lionel Messi, Coutinho to Iniesta or De Jong to Xavi Hernandez.

He can’t deliver the crazy obsession from joan Laporta and others to turn an average Barcelona team into a super team.

Giving him ultimatums to change Barcelona won’t work. The team is just not good enough and Bayern Munich made that point clear. Ronald Koeman is a fantastic manager but blaming him for managing Barcelona’s worst team in 15 years is crazy.

Barcelona is shit and Koeman should never been blamed for it.

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