Why Lionel Messi isn’t PSG weakness but strength

It obvious now, wherever Lionel Messi goes so those the press and critics go. Everyone wants to watch the super talented Argentinean dazzle with the ball and score hat tricks.

But that wasn’t the case against Club Brugge. Messi really struggled to click with Neymar, Mbappe, Parades and Wijnaldum.

His inability to break the defensive lines with an incisive pass or dribble his way past bone crushing tackles before scoring his trademark goal really confused everyone including press and pundits who had already crafted a brilliant headline and speech for him.

Messi’s early struggle is probably the reason why crazy theories about PSG and Lionel Messi are beginning to surface on line. Ex-footballers turned pundits are now foreseeing doom in the PSG squad with Messi as the weak point.

Its really a shame that none of them want to accept the fact that the match against Club Brugge was the first time Messi played a full game for PSG and shared the same team with Neymar and Mbappe.

Those three will need time to gel and understand each other’s game. So judging Messi or all three on just a single game, is frankly crazy talk.

Messi isn’t PSG’s weakness, he is club’s strength and soon he will prove it like he has done.

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