Messi reveals what he loves about Kylian Mbappe

Lionel Messi has lavished praises on Kylian Mbappe who assisted him in scoring his first goal for PSG and his 121st in the Champions League.

Mbappe might posses electrifying pace, good dribbling skills and the ability to finish off chances but, what Messi is more impressed about is his football intelligence and fantastic link up. Creating the assist for Idriss Gueye and later him sums up why he loves Mbappe.

“Mbappe is a great player and i love his understanding of the game’, Messi told reporters.

“I love how he plays his game, how he uses spaces and tries to find others in space’.

Hoping to develop a telepathic understanding with him, Messi added: “It takes time but well get there. We will develop any understanding soon’.

Messi is the second player in Champions League history to score in 17th consecutive season.

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