Negro, Monkey Chant, not acceptable: UEFA must act divisively with Fiorentina and its army of racists

Its a very terrible sight watching fans in Seria A hurl abuses to black players irrespectively of where they come from and how much they’ve contributed to the development of Seria A.

Fans of Fiorentina shamefully reminded us of what we all know but try to forget or find one or two reason to deny it. Italians are mostly racists and if not for the intervention of FARE and other anti racist movements, footballers of African descent would’ve avoided Seria A.

Kalidou Koulibaly, Victor Osimen and Andre Frank Anguissa were all reminded once again how Italians feel about black footballers especially Africans who they describe as monkeys.

FARE {Football Against Racism in Europe} are badly needed and its time UEFA act divisively by bringing this people back to stop the army of racists in Seria A and Fiorentina from damaging the world’s greatest game.

The European governing body must go further by banning Fiorentina fans and even sanctioning the club.

If similar nonsense occurs in the future, points should be deducted and fans banned for months until the message is passed.

Racism is not welcomed in football.

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