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Why Liverpool must be careful not turn into a ‘Mo Salah-one-man- show’

We’ve seen this before at Liverpool when one player becomes too good for the club and begins to make crazy demands to stay. Fernando Torres, Luis Suarez and now Mohamed Salah all have one thing in common which is they’re match winners.

Without their goals, Liverpool will definitely struggle to win games or even trophies.

Mohamed Salah at the moment is without doubt one of the world’s finest right forward and his consistency in front of goal is terrifying. Unlike before when his best trait is running behind the defender in before cutting to his left and firing at goal.

But now, Salah is capable of wiggling his way past 4 or 5 defenders before scoring. That added trait has made Salah one of the top 5 finishers in the world.

His performance against Manchester City in the 2-2 draw at Anfield was absolutely ballistic. Jamie Carragher could be forgiven for saying Salah was the best player in teh world. He was simply world class.

Such high praises is good for a player’s morale but the fact remains that Salah is just one of the components that makes Liverpool good and not necessary the club’s best player.

He is not in the same level at Virgil van Dijk whose absence last season ended Liverpool’s promising season.

The truth remains that you can replace Mo Salah with ease but not Van Dijk so why pay Egyptian international outrageous wages when they’re other goal scorers like Adama Traore who can perform in similar level if they prove they decision making.

$500,000-a-week for Salah is just insane. He is frankly not worth it and Liverpool must be careful not to turn into a Mo Salah-one-man show.

They’ve come a long way as a team under Jurgen Klopp and should never accept to be dragged back by one player’s insane demand.

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