Ridiculous Rule: How Spain lost the Nations League to France

In every sport, they’re laid down rules and regulations guiding the game. In football, the officials along with the Video assistant referee ensures that this rules are applied as humanely as possible.

But against Spain, it could be argued that the humane aspect wasn’t applied at all. Kylian Mbappe’s dying minute goal shouldn’t have stood at all cause he was blatantly offside.

FIFA might have amended its law by stating a player remains onside if the opposition player deliberately impacted the play by touching or heading the ball but in Mbappe case, Eric Garcia tried to block the pass and not necessary interfere with the play.

His knee jerk reaction is expected from him and every other defender.

You can’t expect a defender to stay still and watch a pass go through him without trying to intercept it. He did was expected of him but yet, he is adjudged to have played Mbappe offside..

Frankly that is a ridiculous rule made by FIFA and incorporated by UEFA.

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